The Ordinary Madness of Charles Bukowski - BBC doc

Discussion in 'Video, audio, film and other media' started by cirerita, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. Ponder

    Ponder Redwood Original Unholy Ones

    I guess this will also be remained unsolved...
  2. roni

    roni Men of Mayhem Unholy Ones

    well, this is the missing issue of WRITE-magazine.
  3. cirerita

    cirerita Redwood Original

    btw, the doc is available in the link below without the embedded info.
  4. poptop

    poptop Prospect

    Haven't seen this book before either, but it looks like a hardcover. Blow it up and it appears to be a three word title (the first mostly obscured) with the second word ending in an apostrophe s and the last word Live. But it doesn't match any Bukowski title that I know of. I too would guess that it's on him but not by him. The picture on the cover is one that I've seen before and it's of the younger Bukowski, the head used only. The book itself is a mystery. Good luck.
  5. hank solo

    hank solo Reaper Crew First 9 Redwood Original Unholy Ones

    Looking again at the still, comparing the size of the mystery item with the recognisable books there,
    I'd say you are probably onto something suggesting that it may be an audio cassette.

    I get the impression that the edge actually reads 'BUKOWSKI LIVE' so it's probably just some short run bootleg, probably of the Hostage reading or the Viking or some such.

    Cover from a Sam Cherry photo perhaps?

    Best guess. I'll ask the spirits later :cool:
  6. mjp

    mjp Reaper Crew First 9 Men of Mayhem Unholy Ones

    I was thinking the same thing (bootleg). There were only a couple of legit cassette releases, and that isn't one of them.
  7. David

    David Prospect Unholy Ones

    That must be a cassette since a smaller version of that drawing is on the back of my "Screaming Life of Bukowski" cassette.
  8. cirerita

    cirerita Redwood Original


    what's on that "Screaming Life of Bukowski" cassette?
  9. David

    David Prospect Unholy Ones

    Tape 1 is "an hour of Radio/TV profiles of Bukowski from around the world" Tape 2 "Bukowski talks in-depth about his life of Booze, Loose Women, Job Madness, The Track, Writing and Fighting the world!!"
    I think I got this many years ago from that Rikki Hollywood guy in England. (By the way, who IS that fellow?)
  10. Ponder

    Ponder Redwood Original Unholy Ones

    Rikki "Scrapbook"!
  11. Bukfan

    Bukfan "The law is wrong; I am right" Men of Mayhem Unholy Ones

    It sounds like an interesting tape. Too bad the content's not on CD too.
    Yes, Rikki Hollywood published the "Bukowski Scrapbook" after Buk's death. A big part of it are Buk obituaries taken from various newspapers, some Buk poems, Buk book reviews and various articles about Buk. Nothing too exciting, unfortunately.
  12. hank solo

    hank solo Reaper Crew First 9 Redwood Original Unholy Ones

    Ah ha. Nearly 7 years since cirerita's original post and one of these tapes is currently for sale in Australia via eBay.

    The recording is described as being a recording of a Bukowski reading in Los Angeles in 1980, although from the track listing I would strongly suspect that the recording is in reality a bootleg of the 1972 San Francisco reading (originally released on vinyl as 'Poems and Insults' by Bitter Lemon Records in 1975 and then again as 'Bukowski Reads His Poetry' by Takoma Records in 1980).

    BUKOWSKI_LIVE_CASSETTE_BOOTLEG.jpg bukowski_poems_and_insults_vinyl.jpeg Bukowski_reads_his_poetry_tacoma.jpeg
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  13. roni

    roni Men of Mayhem Unholy Ones

    no other person than buknet's own Rainman could remember and provide this information.
  14. roni

    roni Men of Mayhem Unholy Ones

    I may have something like a 'Déja écrit' or whatever French-speaking-people would name it, but: This was our own Rainman at work again!

    (and he's doing this without any whimper and just between the lines.)

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