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    I will fucking fight all of you. Don't try.

    :) I think I probably screwed that up. I was trying to drop the needle on that video where he says he knocked out his dad when he was sixteen. ?
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    I will fucking fight all of you. Don't try.

    Just kidding. I couldn't figure out whether to say hello on another thread or start may own. Anyhow, (clears throat) how-are-ya's? I see that the last time I logged in here was 2009, which feels like a lifetime ago. I happened to re-read "Dinosauria, We" the other day, which somehow led me to...
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    Administrivia / help

    Thanks baby - high five...
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    Administrivia / help

    Alloo - I'd like to delete my account and re-register with new user name -- anyone know how to do so? No sock puppetry intended here, frankly I'm simply embarrassed by the misspelling of chinaski in my username, and want to simply change it to to username that matches my shitty little blog...
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    Last CD you bought/ Book you read

    CD: Rush, Snakes and Arrows / book: The Thirsty Muse: Alcohol and the American Writer (by Tom Dardis)
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    When did you discover Bukowski?

    "The most beautiful woman in town & other stories." 1987. I was 19, had just dropped out of the music program at Cal State Long Beach and was living in a filthy rental house with two other guys, trying to figure out what I was going to do with myself. Too proud to ask Dad for money. You know...
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    Factotum second time around

    Call this one Factotum third or fourth time 'round. "A week later Jan moved out of my place and shacked up with some rich guy." I guess I'm a little slow, but I only now noticed that the guy we see Jan greet on the doorstep at the end of the film is that putz Chinaski choked out at the...
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    Ordinary Madness vs. Barfly

    Ah, could be, thanks. I looked him up and notice he hasn't posted since January. And no external links on his profile. Anyhow, whoever it was, I was just really intrigued with that piece I got hold of last year and was sorry to lose it (the machine I had at the time gave up the ghost).
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    Poem reference for the film "Bukowski: Born into This"

    I watched 'Born Into This' again tonight, and it was bugging the fuck out of me not only that I couldn't place the (to my ears, relatively familiar) piano sonata used in the main titles and end credits, but that the credits themselves omitted mention of it (arrg!) Which, of course, sent me on a...
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    Ordinary Madness vs. Barfly

    I wrote, back on 4/19/06: >Re Bukowski's thoughts on Mickey Rourke's portrayal, I was struck by how in the bonus materials for Barfly there's an interview segment in which Bukowski praises Rourke in an "and I'm not just saying this" sort of way (that may after all be tongue in cheek, meaning...
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    The Bukowski Tapes by Barbet Schroeder

    Oy, amen to that. When you watch a gaggle of them in one sitting, that music makes you want to stick your head in the oven. . .
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    crazy love dvd

    Yes indeed, and as the bonus materials make clear, that segment was autobiographical vis-a-vis the director and had Buk's blessing and admiration.
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    Ordinary Madness vs. Barfly

    That particular torrent didn't work, btw, though I did manage to find one that did. Just so you know they're out there. There were some great moments in there, but I have to say it didn't leave much of an impression on me over all. Tales of Ordinary Madness, on the other hand, I bailed on...
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    Lesser known Buk-related films

    I couldn't find any discussion of these in the archives. Here's a couple blurbs from the wikipedia entry on Buk. Anyone know anything about them? The second one in particular yields exactly bupkis on a google search except for the wiki page itself and some sort of resume for a makeup artist...
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    crazy love dvd

    Wanted to weigh in here quickly and say that I just watched this and was quite moved, actually. Well worth a look. The DVD player has got to be my favorite toy, I must say. It affords so many opportunities for the great if simple pleasure of having exactly zero in the way of expectations...