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    letterpress collaboration

    Thx Hosh, I will make note and look them up. Wow Bill that response was packed with good info. i will get with u via email to go into my plan in more detail. i sure appreciate yr thoughts. When i was last involved with printing, i had apprenticed to an old school west coast tramp printer, Allen...
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    letterpress collaboration

    Hi everyone. I am looking for a letterpress printer to collaborate with on a book project. The project I have in mind is a run of 200 copies of a 55-60 pg book of poems and a coupla stories. Printed on decent paper, hand set type perhaps, nice endpaper, cloth cover, perfect bound, prolly with a...
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    Press = paper. Please read.

    this is funny - my letterpress pal allen and i have been thinking of ordering elephant dung paper - found it on the internet of course, i forget where but it's a great idea. and we print a lot on recycled, scrounged, cast off stuff. ink and paper all the way.
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    Colin Will wants to know what he's missing - he doesn't "get" Bukowski

    bukfan, i read that thread you linked to. i got quite a kick out of it. i think most all of us here were able to recognise the buk poems but none of the original compositions seemed to capture the soul of the poet - just poking fun is all, i guess.
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    The Whitman thread

    yeah, big whitman fan here, too. i painted my favorite line of his in a mural above the bathroom door jamb so everyone would see it on the way out. it's from "song of the open road" as well: "Henceforth, I ask not good fortune. I myself am good fortune." i chant this as i'm walking, and it...
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    Link - The Castle 'Bukowski'

    sure is hard to write from a gilded cage.
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    Welcome To America, Rubyred !

    what bookstore in sf is it? do you think it would break the spell of the fingers-crossed wishing if you said? it might, but good luck getting the job, that'd be a great way to start things off.
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    The Boozers Thread

    i am interested in the scotch and milk combo. never heard of it before and i've done some fair amt of drinking. sounds good! right now it's a 1/5 evan williams and a six of shinerbock beer, from tx. for under twenty bucks. that will get me through the night no problem. and i love carlo...
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    I got your Literary, Mary.

    that was a good read! it really is interesting to learn more about the folks who post on this site - lots of amazing stories and people, it seems. great community! nice work father and vodka.
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    If you could have only one Bukowski book forever

    i'd go with burning in water, drowning in flame too. either that one or roominghouse madrigals
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    send in those poetry submissions- the birth of chance press

    just sent pm. oakland huh? right next door to hayward. sounds like a great project!
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    the first ever collectible book i ever bought was robinson jeffers' be angry at the sun first edition for $45 at a bookstore in missoula, mt. carried it around for a few seasons, finally sold it at sam wellers in slc, ut for five bucks for bus fare. it was my pride and joy, that book. few...
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    Buk Trivia... Answerer becomes next Questioner

    *sigh* next question?
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    Buk Trivia... Answerer becomes next Questioner

    jack micheline i know it's wrong - mjp, since you are the ringer come say the answer!
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    Buk Trivia... Answerer becomes next Questioner

    diane wakowski (keeping with the 'ski's)?