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    So, how many of you are writers?

    Okay, so I have had too much of my favorite distilled what-eva. I'm now looking for a quote from Factotum that goes something along the lines of this idea " once a writer follows what others want him to be he should be flushed down the toilet like so many other turds" maybe it's just from the...
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    So, how many of you are writers?

    I think I'll take a wild conjecture here and say all of you? I am guilty (only a dreamer here) , but I think that is most likely the normal around a place like this. Buk was a great writer, but a part of what made him great for me, was that he stuck to "it" for SO long before there was much...
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    Hello, my name is Bob and I read Bukowski.

    Yeah, I don't know what it is about Buk, but he is the only writer I have been able to "get into" for the past few years. I even take his book recommendations; (Fante) though they may distract me from the man himself. I find his writing is something that I could have written. Mostly the menial...