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    Foiled Again

    With a great deal of difficulty Dora. Stirring stuff.
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    Foiled Again

    Hello Bobby in Tempe I wasn't thinking about Bukowski when I wrote the profile. I should go back there and fix it and maybe I will when I'm in a list mood. It's a reall bad fairy godmother place, a list of your favourite writers. When? Who? Everyone. McEwan. Dr Seuss. Coetzee. Nash. Krog. Life's...
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    Foiled Again

    Ja. I left out the whole world wide web. Genius. It's - I'm going to see now if I can edit the post and fix it.
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    The Charles Bukowski Museum?

    The thing is that even though he didn't want to spend time messing around with people instead of getting it down, he did. He spent the time and he wrote poems about that time and those folk. He couldn't avoid it because even though he didn't want it he didn't not want it badly enough to leave it...
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    The New Generation of Buk readers

    I'm sure the man turns over in his grave just knowing he has this possessive fan who looks like you who is despairing over the fact that people who don't look like you are buying his books. I think you would've inspired a rude poem.
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    My first post...

    Shew you are most fortunate. I have been collecting since I can remember but those books that haven't walked off my shelves (Women, Post Office ...) because actually I love sharing the writing I love and inevitably this is with people who don't return it or share it with others until it's gone...
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    Foiled Again

    Hello Other Bukowski Fans I wonder what he would of thought of us. It's too dreadful to contemplate really. I don't care though because I think of him and I write. He's like my newspaper in the loo. I love reading his work. My friends dig it too. We read his poems at parties or just after...