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Hello Other Bukowski Fans
I wonder what he would of thought of us. It's too dreadful to contemplate really. I don't care though because I think of him and I write. He's like my newspaper in the loo. I love reading his work. My friends dig it too. We read his poems at parties or just after dinner. Sometimes he makes me feel sick or sad and sometimes he shocks me and sometimes he makes me just feel like telling him hey dude you were pretty damn fine. I am happy there's all this posthumous stuff being published and I love the work he wrote when he was getting older and richer and mellowing. Must've been that jacuzzi. I dig the fact that he didn't stop writing just because he was a success. That made an arse out of a lot of people out there insisting artists have to do the barfly and drop dead thing to be the genuine article. He was bloody hero. He should've been knighted.

My blog is

It's about Joburg and the suburb where I live and other things going down all over the world like bureaucrats.
Hallo ClingFoil...

I checked out your blog and found some interesting stuff... words and images worthy of a Buk fan... "The building remains beautiful. Dead birds fly in and out"...what more can be said? That's really very nice.

I also thought it was interesting that your profile doesn't mention "favorite books" for example...have you just recently discovered Hank?

Just some thoughts..nice to meet you ClingFoil...

Bobby D

Bobby D
Tempe, Arizona
Hello Bobby in Tempe
I wasn't thinking about Bukowski when I wrote the profile. I should go back there and fix it and maybe I will when I'm in a list mood. It's a reall bad fairy godmother place, a list of your favourite writers. When? Who? Everyone. McEwan. Dr Seuss. Coetzee. Nash. Krog. Life's big hey. I get obsessed with Mr Bukowski sometimes, not all the time. I am very taken right now with all the new stuff being published it's so exciting but no I am not a new fan. I think I first got hold of a copy of Women when I was about 17 some light years hence.
Thanks for encouraging words about the blog and the birds.
It's Saturday night and I'm a Joburger by the sea. Feeling very lucky.

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