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    terror street at sotheby's - dec 11 (and Bukowski site and forum stats)

    Can't believe nobody bid against me. Truly a steal in my opinion, when was the last time one of these went for $2,500?
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    Bukowski at PBA Galleries July 14th

    Having seen what that collection contains, pennies ain't gotta get me far I'm afraid.
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    Holy Dorbin!

    At PBA this sold for $720 in 2006, $780 in 2007 and $2,160 in 2013 (incl buyer's premium).
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    Personal Bukowski Collection

    Fully agree jordan, just a bad time to sell.
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    Personal Bukowski Collection

    P.S.: The above is at the lower end of the spectrum. If you can wait and sit it out, you might get a lot more. Just not a good market to sell right now.
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    Personal Bukowski Collection

    Have to agree with skiroomalum there, some Abe prices are completely ridiculous, especially those from Quintessential Rare Books LLC. Here's a guideline of what I think are reasonable and achievable prices in today's market (anyone disagreeing please feel free to comment): 1. There's no...
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    Bukowskis earliest home recordings? dating?

    For what it's worth, here's one from 1969:
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    Selling book(s) and/or collection

    Why don't you post a list of what you have? I'm sure you'd get various opinions re pricing here.
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    Want to buy Bukowski Painting

    John, I guess everything in the world is for sale, it's all a matter of price. :) I've never sold a single piece from my collection, and wasn't planning to, but feel free to make me an offer.
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    Want to buy Bukowski Painting

    John, those two are appr 24x15cm, and were most likely produced for one of the limited edition books but never used.
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    Want to buy Bukowski Painting

    I own these two, which were not bound into books, but given to the Dutch agent of Black Sparrow press for use in exhibitions. As for cutting a painting out of one of the limited editions, there are several examples of paintings showing up in editions that weren't supposed to have any...
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    Buk-Art-Exhibition planned by Polish museum - CALL for contributions!

    Ich schick Dir ne Email, easier that way.