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    Noel Rockmore, Bukowski, Gypsy Lou Webb

    sad news...according to the Noel Rockmore Community on FB, Gypsy Lou has passed.
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    Bukowski bookshelf
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    they, all of them, know

    ha, me either!!
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    For sale Collection for sale

    yes, pictures please...i might be interested in a few of those titles.
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    The infamous Supervan is currently on Amazon Prime for free...i tried to watch it....well, it's as bad as people say. Bukowski makes his cameo somewhere in the middle.
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    Unknown Bukowski pictures?

    Yep, pages by Gerard Malanga.
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    Bukowski's Los Angeles

    ...and there's always Esotouric ???
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    Bukowski's Los Angeles

    Well I'm assuming this person has never been to LA...Being from another part of the country, or world, sometimes it's interesting to just soak in the atmosphere of a place... being born and raised in the south, I always enjoyed the different feel and sounds and smells of places like LA. Just...
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    Bukowski's Los Angeles

    Yea, like Purple Stickpin said, Musso and Frank's would be a good stop...and isn't the main branch of the LA post office still there? And his final resting place isn't far from LA.
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    Bukowski Drawing

    Holy moly!!!!!! DiB that link is something else ????????
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    Opinions on this signature. and contrast...not the same pen, but looks done in the same decade.
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    Who the fuck is CHUCK?!???
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    Just curious as to why you call bukowski CHUCK...I've never understood that...
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    Just stopping by

    I second that ✋
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    Notes of a Dirty Old Man - Open City

    Thanks for sharing...very cool indeed