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    What Reading Bukowski’s ‘Women’ Taught Me About Men

    So she reads one Buk book, none of his poems (apparently), and she’s inside his head? So happy that book helped her learn about the LA scene in the 70’s. Hope it scratched whatever itches on her.
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    I'm new to Buk, this forum is great!

    Wow, I guess this J with green background is good for now. You're freaking me out! That's exactly what all the drummers in town would say! Welcome accepted. Thanks man.
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    I'm new to Buk, this forum is great!

    My daughter sent me Love is a dog from hell and Betting on the muse for my birthday. I've never heard of Charles Bukowski prior. I read both cover to cover in an evening and came out a big time fan of Bukowski. This site's "Timeline" is a real help in putting the pieces together, very nicely...