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My daughter sent me Love is a dog from hell and Betting on the muse for my birthday. I've never heard of Charles Bukowski prior. I read both cover to cover in an evening and came out a big time fan of Bukowski. This site's "Timeline" is a real help in putting the pieces together, very nicely done! I've just begun surfing the threads herein and so thankful for the materials members have shared. Buk reminds me of someone I knew back in the late 60's along with others that lived similar lifestyles, all deceased before 30 years old. Everyone who knew them would say "he's living fast". None committed suicide, their lifestyle killed them, and one even predicting he would die young. They weren't lazy, they seemed to have a third eye and lived life by pushing it to the limit. I wasn't anything like them, but since I was the best drummer in town, got to go along for the ride. Buk's work helps me to understand and helps with the closure. I hate critics proclaiming Buk liked to drink, fuck, and write bad poetry. I'm convinced that at some point, alcoholics are no longer "incoherent wastes of flesh", but instead develop very deep vision. This is just my take.


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