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    Editor at Ecco?

    Hi everyone - it's been a while since I posted. I've recently been rereading a lot of Bukowski and an idea for an anthology zeroed in on a key period of his life occurred to me. Does anyone on the forum have an email for the editor at Ecco Press most connected with Bukowski?
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    Paintings/Drawings that show Bukowski (not BY Bukowski)

    This is a drawing I did of Bukowski as part of a book project of drawings of artists and writers.
  3. Mark Rogers facelift

    Much prefer the new design. I never did care for the pissed in the pants looking photo - as a few people mentioned, it reinforced the skid row poet image. Everyone on this site knows there was so much more to Bukowski than that reduction.
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    Are You Cute? A Visit with Allen Ginsberg

    Free until midnight 4/26: I've been publishing some ebooks lately - the most recent is Are You Cute? A Visit with Allen Ginsberg, by my late friend John Langsdorf. John was a prolific and talented writer who died in 1996 from a heroin overdose. His afflictions – agoraphobia, drug addiction and...
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    Buk poem endorses scotch:

    Wasn't aware this was one of the Martinized poems. There's now no enjoying or supporting this endeavor.
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    Buk poem endorses scotch:

    My post was redirected and I see there's already been a discussion about this. Like I thought, I'm in the minority on this one. For me, maybe its the pleasure seeing his words out there in the marketplace and someone hearing them and being startled by Buk's direct voice.
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    Buk poem endorses scotch:

    I was prepared to hate this ad for Dewars, but I found it effective and the guy reading the poem did a great job. It would have been nice if they mentioned the poem was by Bukowski. I have a feeling there may be some different opinions on the forum...
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    My novel BASEMENT is out on Amazon

    Like I mentioned before, hit me up for a free file to download if you find it interesting and want to save $3.99.
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    My novel BASEMENT is out on Amazon

    I'm stumped. What's a Fogel Founder?
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    My novel BASEMENT is out on Amazon

    Glad I made you laugh. I didn't have an e-reader myself until I needed one to edit this book. Things are changing fast. Writers have more power than ever in getting published - the big challenge is getting noticed. One cool thing about the e-reader is the novella is coming back. There's less...
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    My novel BASEMENT is out on Amazon

    I made the plunge and published a novel of mine - BASEMENT - as an e-book: The Jones’ have a prisoner in their basement. So do the Smiths. Times are tough. When a working class town in the northeast gets their fill of foreclosures and seizures, they turn to an experimental program that promises...
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    Bukowski, 93, today!

    Sounds like a complete misfire.
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    A bit on Bukowski in my blog

    I'm an easygoing guy. I can spare a hello. Hello.
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    A bit on Bukowski in my blog

    From my blog, Pissing on my Pistols.
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    Loving and Hating Charles Bukowski by Linda King - Available Now

    I agree that it needs more than an edit and the addition of the letters would make it an important book, instead of a marginal one. Linda Lee is sitting comfortably on a mountain of Buk's writings. The decent thing to for her to do is let to Linda King have ownership of the letters that were...