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    please liberate yourselves as you promised to do - Transit #1, 1993

    I remember the line "their hell is everybody's hell" but not from this poem.
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    I Am Afraid That I Will Continue To Drink Myself To Death... - Kauri #11, 1965

    great one. You can really tell he was typing fast as hell with this one
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    3 uncollected poems: AVALANCHE 1 (1966)

    A Conversation... and A Kind... are very strong ones! Not such a fan of the second one though. It's good but the ones where Bukowski goes a little "child's play" with his typer I always find of lesser quality. Love the more serious ones. Who cares.
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    The best beers (not the so-called king of beers)

    yeah said it before but being Belgian and loving beer go great together. The best one out there is the "blue" Chimay. Like angels having an orgy in your mouth
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    Have you ever been dead broke?

    how the hell do you homeless guys get your hands onto a computer with an internet connection? Lived on the street myself for about three months (was never really thrown out, I was fucked up and on a great big drinking binge). Got by raiding night shops and sleeping in a friends' car. Was a...
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    What are you drinking?

    yeah it really arrogant it may sound, if you're used to drinking Belgian beer most foreign beers really don't taste that good. Very bad even. To be an alcoholic in Belgium is like being a kid in a candy store or a nerd on linux btw Bruno, do you remember some of the stuff you drank?
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    What are you drinking?

    One of the only perks of being Belgian is the beer the fridge and highly recommended: - Chimay (bleu is the best) - Duvel - Westmalle trippel - Westvleteren (10°) - Satan (ow yes) believe me folks, that's a class beer fridge.
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    Steve Richmond / Mr. Viced Honest

    I just received Hitler Painted Roses in the mail today and am 96 pages into it... it works for me. Not everything but most of it anyways. Now aren't you glad I shared that with you! You're most welcome
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    A discussion about '2 a.m.'

    That was brilliant. Very passionate. One of his better ones I think... Haven't got a clue what Shostakovich sounds like but I will surely check him out.
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    i hate being unemployed

    I'm unemployed for five months now and live on a minimum wagers wellfare cheque. I can drink for two weeks with that and then I'm broke. Life sucks not at the beer bottle.
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    We Do Our Work - Vagabond 4, 1967

    very sad and nice one. fuck work
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    What are you drinking?

    Old Smuggler whiskey
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    Steve Richmond / Mr. Viced Honest

    I know a lot of people that use of which a great share are artists. Believe me, there isn't a rule. Like there never is. It's not like 'oh you use it can't be good' or something. It all depends from person to person.
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    Steve Carell as Buk

    that's pretty tasteless. Just like Victoria Jackson for that matter.