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    Female authors

    I don't know where they got that from, but it seems there is some connection though it might be the other way around when I read this: but I do not understand the reference to Bukowski Review and Pearl.
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    Female authors

    For those that may be interested in Wilma Elizabeth McDaniel, there is a "lyrical portrait of poet Wilma McDaniel and the Okie culture that inspired her." DVD available from Sageland Media: I have read some of her work and like...
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    How much did he really drink?

    Oskar Blues Brewery is a craft brewery located in Longmont, Colorado. The company began as a restaurant in Lyons in 1997 and began brewing beer in the basement in 1999. Five years later, they became one of the first to issue craft beer in cans. Unfortunately that comes from mjp's favorite...
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    New Bukowski website

    Or we could all go back to this link:
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    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. #6

    Dig it man. Eddie on Sax and Shirley on organ.
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    What would Bukowski think of modern culture?

    My sentiments precisely.
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    Good Documentaries

    Haven't seen this one yet but it looks very interesting and I would love for it to be shown in Denver (so I can see it on the big screen). Been a fan of Arhoolie Records and Chris's work for years. In addition to the trailer there is a website that goes with it:
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    The New Censorship Vol. 4. No. 2 (May 1993)

    Here are scans of the other 9 uncollected poems from TNC Vol 4, No 2:
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    What are you listening to? The world really needs to know. #6

    Modifying the theme slightly
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    RIP Johnny Winter
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    Mockingbird wish me luck is it real?

    Looks pretty real to me. Here is a link to a similar broadside. Read the fine print underneath the photo.
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    Unknown Bukowski pictures?

    The cat's state is still uncertain according to Heisenberg.
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    TV series

    If you are going to watch Treme, you can't watch with out the guide - 'Treme' Explained. It has a vast wealth of information about local politics and New Orleans celebs and musicians that appear in each episode that you might otherwise miss. I would watch each episode when it first aired on...