RIP Johnny Winter (1 Viewer)

A crying shame and only 70 years old. The first time I listened him was when his 1969 album, "Second Winter", came out. It was quite a revelation back then and it's still a great album.

You can hear him at his 70th birthday at B.B. King's Blues Club in NYC, 2014. It's the full concert over 95 min. long:

I like how he's playing a 12-string that is only strung with 6 strings. Whatever that model is he's playing, it has easy access to the entire 21 frets on the neck. But I wonder if that was some kind of last minute emergency substitution... did his preferred guitar get caught in the freeway traffic jam outside of Woodstock ? If so, he made the best of it.
The contrast between those two videos is a poem in itself.
With the music bridging the gap with miraculus ease.

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