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    Hey gerard!!!

    Many happy returns, Gerard!
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    getting a novel published(?)

    I can't recommend a specific publisher, but if your local library has a copy of the Novel & Short Story Writer's Market, and/or the most recent Writer's Market, you'll find plenty of publishers in there.
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    The Great War For Civilisation by Robert Fisk

    I checked, and there's a used copy for sale there for $5.55. Shipping is $3.99 if you're in the US.
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    Biography of bukowski?

    Any of the French speakers read Bukowski ou les Contes de la Violence Ordinaire by Alexandre Thiltges? It came out in 2007. I've only seen a preview on Google books- looks like half bio, half lit crit.
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    Buk Influences

    Trivia: Remember the older, white haired guy to Buk's left in the Apostrophes video? The one he touches on the head on his way out, half trying to keep his balance, half giving some kind of benediction? That was Gaston Ferdiére, one of Artaud's shrinks. Artaud was . I read Cendrar's...
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    Louis Ferdinand Celine

    Yep, picked and stayed on the wrong side, right to the end. : Someone reads from first bit of Voyage, while a painter named "Ibara" does a portrait of Céline.
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    Will it make my iPod?

    4. Nathan Wiley, . (think he's from your neck of the woods, hooch)
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    Bukowski's Favorite Musical

    I wonder if Buk would have liked the Brecht & Weill's Threepenny Opera, especially the song What Keeps Mankind Alive: Mankind can keep alive thanks to its brilliance In keeping its humanity repressed And for once you must try not to shriek the facts Mankind is kept alive by bestial acts [This...
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    Last song

    Can't think of one song that sums me up, but as requiems go, I like
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    Apostrophes episode

    Roni's got it. They also pissed off Buk by bringing up Henry Miller. It was all down hill from there... Pivot: The French critics compare you to Henry Miller, they say you're bit of a successor. Does that please you? Buk: No, let's just forget all that. Go on to the other guests. Still trying...
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    Previously unknown Bukowski interview

    Somebody posted a video of not long ago. That's not the one you're talking about, is it? I don't really know what to make of it... Therapist: Sit down, you are out of the frame. Buk: The grave does not have a frame.
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    send in those poetry submissions- the birth of chance press

    Yeah, is it prose or verse baby?
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    article on the Bukowski-Society

    Messy Translation, Part 3 of 3 (see above for Roni's comments on the content - journalism is like a sausage - better not to see how it's made) Rumour has it that the 35 year old Bukowski still stopped for a drink after being treated for a nearly fatal bleeding ulcer, to cope with the shock...
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    Fry/Bukowski smackdown: Epilogue

    Shit, I remember when Uncle Vince used to do the traffic reports for CFNY, I mean, 102.1. Any other Toronto Bukowski freakazoids remember him talking about congestion on the "Humber hump", followed by the trademark "ta ta ta tah"... mmm.... probably not.
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    Clemens Meyer

    I remember, Petey, and I am forever in your debt for turning me on to him!