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    Bukowski culinary tastes

    An LA Times article from 1987 says he was eating a lot of fish at that point. And expensive wine. I have to think, though, that he had hotdogs at the race track.
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    What did Ginsberg make of Bukowski's writing?

    In one of the Naropa University recordings of Ginsburg, one of his classes on poetry there, he comments on Bukowski. He liked Buk's use of narrative in poetry, says it's rare now for poems to tell stories. But didn't think Buk was great at including enough detail in poems to make the poems come...
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    Five books.

    Magic Mountain, Thomas Mann Under the Volcano, Malcolm Lowry A Confederacy of Dunces, John Kennedy O'Toole Collected Stories of Lydia Davis What Matters Most is How Well You Walk Through the Fire, Bukowski
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    So, what other poets get you like Bukowski does?

    I have to say that reading Bukowski has given me an appetite for more poetry in general and in particular for the confessional, straightforward kind that I like in Buk. I've started reading Kim Addonizio thanks to the recs in this thread, a friend turned me on to David Kirby whose poems also...
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    Last CD you bought/ Book you read

    Just got Lydia Davis's Collected Stories. Have really enjoyed reading her so far. Short shorts/flash fiction. They read a bit like confessional prose poems.
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    Good Documentaries

    I really liked this one too.
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    Anyone know the reference?

    Thanks, I see now how this seems likely.
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    Anyone know the reference?

    In "the rock" in Bone Palace Ballet, Bukowski mentions a poet - though not by name - whom he read and found to be powerful, but then read the poet's correspondence which basically showed the guy was an ass kisser and lacked integrity. Does anyone know who he might be referring to there? I'm...
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    Good Documentaries

    Really enjoyed "Pickaxe" and "If a Tree Falls" - both docs about environmental protesters in the pacific northwest, the latter about the ELF.
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    Wow . . .

    It looks like good reading here, thanks.
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    Wow . . .

    I'm really glad there's this forum. I watched Born Into This and was so pumped I loaned my copy to a friend. (hope he returns it.) Now I want to read all the posts here. I'm relatively new to Bukowski. I'd heard about him from my friend (the one with my dvd) but hadn't been interested in...