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    Yes He Was A Beat Writer!

    I applaud your style and economy of words. SD
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    the pothead thread

    Marijuana Top U.S. Cash Crop at $35 Billion Monday, Dec. 18, 2006 4:41 p.m. EST Marijuana Top U.S. Cash Crop at $35 Billion U.S. growers produce nearly $35 billion worth of marijuana annually, making the illegal drug the country's largest cash crop, bigger than corn and wheat combined...
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    where to buy this...

    Is there perhaps a missing picture or the like? Or is it truly a zen riff he's laying on us? SD P.S. If he be talking about "Born into This", I got mine on Amazon, reasonable price.
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    FACTOTUM movie tie-in (Ecco stinks!)

    I see my humor is running too subtle, ha. Just a little oblique reference to an oblique reference, etc. But, yes... You have to admit, no one can spin a word riff like H.M., writing volumes while saying nothing in particular, and doing it beautifully. And, if you've ever heard him speak, you...
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    Ok, now I'm getting depressed.

    It might be good to list what ones you DO have, so that you don't get offered dups? SD
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    Bach-Bukowski project

    One of my favorites; like sweet potatoes and corn. SD
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    Getting a leis on Kauai ;)

    bruce, had a few too many on the way to the keyboard, ha? SD
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    What makes Bukowski so unique?

    I agree with the sentiment, but you have to give him (I'm assuming 'he'; if 'he's' a girl, I want to know) points for a no-style style. SD
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    the pothead thread

    What the hell? ...Okay, I get it: a zygote smoking dope. SD
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    What are you listening to now?

    You may get some argument on that. SD
  11. S fan mail

    You Magnificent, picky bastard! (Nunge, ha.) SD
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    the pothead thread

    That would be Neil Young (that home weed head), bro. SD
  13. S fan mail

    Thank you, my good man---a gentleman and a scholar. I think "The Magnificent Bastards" would make a good name for a hard rock group, No? I like it, SD
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    Favorite Bukowski Work?

    Actually, the ending is more existential than what has been revealed here; its meaning transcends this mere plot item, and I doubt your reading of the book will be hampered by that revelation. I would not let this certain knowledge deter you from getting the book. It?s not hinged upon the...
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    The Parental Figures!

    Other than Mark Twain. SD