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    When did you discover Bukowski?

    In high school I found Ham on Rye in my parents' home - don't remember why I picked it up! - and devoured it. Unfortunately, at the time I had a crazy idea about only reading one book by any author... Luckily I changed my mind and read Post Office about a year later. I liked Ham on Rye but Post...
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    Did Bukowski buy books

    So perhaps he only owned books that he received as gifts?
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    Did Bukowski buy books

    Sort of a side question: Did Bukowski ever buy books, or did he only borrow them at the library? He talks quite a lot about reading, but I only remember him talking about libraries ( in e.g. the Ask the Dust foreword), never bookstores.
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    if you like bukowski...

    Apart from being a treasure chest of Bukowski info, this forum has provided me with very nice recommendations from the multiple "Other authors you like" threads. Seeing that the forum is closing, I thought I'd finally create a user. While there is still time, I will kindly ask you all to bring...