Did Bukowski buy books (1 Viewer)

Sort of a side question: Did Bukowski ever buy books, or did he only borrow them at the library?
He talks quite a lot about reading, but I only remember him talking about libraries ( in e.g. the Ask the Dust foreword), never bookstores.
He owned a copy of Schopenhauer's "Parerga and Paralipomena", which were sent to him as a gift by a German guy named Ulrich Aigner in 1984 (which goes to show, how he came to nod so much to Schopenhauer in "You Get So Alone", 1986).
He writes about buying Camus books before going in for his hemorrhoid operation in 1966 (I believe). It's in the letters, Screaming from the Balcony I think.

So he probably did buy books occasionally. He writes much more often about not being able to read anymore though, that books simply fall from his hands etc.

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