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    Three letters from Bukowski

    Nigel. how can we read "London Liver"?
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    BUKOWSKI 1963 - It Catches My Heart in It's Hands - w/ Original painting & poem

    this guy Harrison is a total load. I wouldn't buy anything from this clown on principle.
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    Why this title...?

    can you tell me where I can find a good "It Catches" for $700?
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    Blowing My Hero PDF?

    Very nice. I paid around $250.00 for mine at a PBA auction a few years back.
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    people who record concerts on their cell phones

    it's easy. a big sign outside venue that says "if you are seen operating a cell phone during the show, you are automatically ejected". these hipsters have really affected my enjoyment by blocking my views to the stage whenever they hold those bleedin things up in the air in front of me.
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    ebay advice

    You will not lose this case. It is obviously the seller's fault. I sell on eBay, and I go overboard when it comes to packing. I know what happens inside the USPS and UPS warehouses. And dont forget to leave negative feedback so that other future buyers will be tipped off regarding the type of...
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    Unknown Bukowski pictures?

    this photo is in Linda King's new book.
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    red dot poems from nyq #12

    these are excellent. thanks.
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    Good Documentaries

    true. was disappointed as well.
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    Stephan "Steve" Dulka, a.k.a. MULLINAX, CIGARPIPEMAN (on eBay)

    i was wondering who this clown was. his obnoxious eBay posts speak volumes
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    Postcards of Some BoSP Titles

    Very nice, Bill!
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    Buk mss. for sale to kiss the worms goodnight

    is it signed? and can you send me a photo?
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    PBA Galleries

    looks like he stands to make a fine profit. i bought 10 lots, and hopefully i'll never be forced to sell them.
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    PBA Galleries

    just received my catalog. thanks to Shannon at PBA.