absence of the hero

  1. David

    The Reason Behind Reason - Story - Matrix vol. 9 no. 2 1946

    Found "The Reason Behind Reason." Am curious what y'all think of this one.
  2. cirerita

    Love, Love, Love - Matrix v.9 no. 3/4

    Hold on tight, guys! Are you ready for the unveiling of the great and only Chucky Bukowski and his brother Soldier George?
  3. cirerita

    Manifesto: A Call For Our Own Critics - Nomad 5/6, 1960

    What a bunch of hyerophants and steatopygous old farts on a nosography trip!
  4. Johannes

    Cacoethes Scribendi - Matrix vol. 10 no. 3-4

    ??? Is it a story? Is it a poem? Why that title? Sounds very interesting. Anybody got information on this one?