bukowski at bellevue

  1. Adamantino

    A new italian biografy about Charles Bukowski

    CHARLES BUKOWSKI: La scrittura che esplode dal basso: l’America e il suo ubriacone In this volume, the author investigates the close relationship between autobiography and narrative that has characterized the work of Charles Bukowski, an American writer known to most for his dissolute life...
  2. S

    Poem about a woman, her animals, and beastiality

    So I was at a poetry night and someone read out a very long poem which they said was Bukowski. I've looked all over the internet and it has been really hard for me to find! They said it was called "The Zoo" but I'm unable to find it by that title. So from what I can remember, the poem is...
  3. Burch


    Anyone interested in this? If there's anyone left with a VHS player... Black and white, running time 60 mins. Bukowski reading at Bellevue Community College in 1970. A bit shakey, filmed on two cameras by 2 students.