ham on rye

  1. mjp

    Ham on Rye covers

    I saw this today and I'm wondering what the remote desert - or a trailer home - has to do with Ham on Rye. Seems like Ham on Rye has had more (English language) covers than any other Bukowski title... That last one is especially awful.
  2. Mrak Sarg

    Who would write the best introduction to Ham on Rye?

    I would love to hear anyone's recommendation for their dream introduction to Ham on Rye. Living people please.
  3. CBNewbie88

    So I Finished Ham On Rye

    Well I'll be a son of a b****, Ham On Rye was the first book I finished cover to cover in what feels like an eternity and I did it in a matter of days which I hope conveys how much I loved it. I said in my introductory thread that I had not been this excited by a work since Dostoyevsky's Crime...