los angeles

  1. Erik van Loon

    Bukowski 'Some Poeple Never Go Crazy' Poetry Competition

    Till September 1st poets from all over the world can submit their 'Some People Never Go Crazy' poem for the five days poetry festival LA Poetry Beach Festival 2022 from September 21 till September 25. Day 1-3 (September 21-25) 2nd Poetry Train This poetry festival starts each year in New York...
  2. waituntilspring

    Bukowski's Los Angeles

    I am going to have one and a half days in LA in a couple weeks, and I want to see as much of Bukowski's LA as I can. Does anyone have any suggestions of must sees? Maybe some things that aren't as popular. Anything in close proximity as other things? I am also going to be trying to see Bunker...