1. bukdontsurf

    Want to buy Letters, paintings, typescripts and carbons

    Friends - I have been saving up and would like to add to my collection. If you have something you are willing to part with please send me a message.
  2. Mikael

    Bukowski as a painter

    Hi everyone, I'm a film student working on an assignment for an art direction course. Our goal is to design a bar or restaurant based on a 20th century visual artist; architecture, decoration, furniture and wardrobe all included. Obviously, thinking about bars the first thing that pops into my...
  3. mjp

    New arrival

    It's "Red guy with piano neck teeth," in case you were wondering. Shown here with "Red and yellow guy on a green background," which we've had for a number of years. And yes, those seem to be the official titles, near as I can tell. Piano neck teeth is in Hot Water Music, and red and yellow...