1. gnotke

    A jet plane tore the horizon

    I have tried to identify a book, where the main character mentions that he observes a plane that tears the horizon apart. I think it is a jet plane, but I am not sure. However, when I started searching for this quote, I was quite sure it was from a novel by Bukowski, but I haven't been able to...
  2. madmancrayon

    Does anybody have a source of this quote?

    'I wasn’t lonely. I experienced no self-pity. I was just caught up in a life in which I could find no meaning.' I'm writing a thesis on Bukowski's search for meaning and can't find a source of this anywhere? thanks in advance, i know you beautiful bastards will save me!
  3. Dora

    Bukowski quote about Fante as a West Coast Fitzgerald

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a quote that is super important for what I'm writing -sometimes, after reading thousands of pages, you just lose track... In that quote, Bukowski says that John Fante was a West Coast Fitzgerald, but that he was almost forgotten precisely because he was from Los...
  4. Ohthehorror

    Clear your fucking heart

    Does anyone know what letter the line "stop insisting on clearing your head, clear your fucking heart instead" is from?
  5. hangman

    "Find what you love and let it kill you"

    This is credited to Bukowski everywhere, but I can't find a source, so that makes me doubtful. Can anyone cite the source if it is actually Bukowski? Thanks!