the days run away like wild horses over the hills

  1. skiroomalum

    Amazing & Incredible (or maybe I'm just bored)!!! The Days Run Away

    Moving some books from one shelf to another, I noticed that the first printing softcovers of Days Run Away and Mockingbird are larger than later BSP printings. Thus, the full extent of my Bukowski scholarship.
  2. mjp

    One For The Old Man, Grist 11 (1967)

    Split from a thread started by @Jason in the unpublished forum. From The Days Run Away...
  3. Billville

    Buk in Ante no.4 1965

    I found this at a book sale. (A Little) Ante no 4 with two poems by Bukowski: A Division and Ivan the Terrible.
  4. Jason

    Poem For Personnel Managers, As The Sparrow - Quixote 13 (1957)

    scans of Quixote 13, edited by Jean Rikhoff Hills (NY & Devonshire: Quixote, Spring 1957) featuring the uncollected Bukowski poem "Poem For Personnel Managers:"