war all the time

  1. Pogue Mahone

    Electrum No. 32 Spring 1984: NAKED AT 92 DEGRESS AND WAITING FOR THE END

    Seems appropriate for this warm Christmas Eve…
  2. mjp

    New arrival

    It's "Red guy with piano neck teeth," in case you were wondering. Shown here with "Red and yellow guy on a green background," which we've had for a number of years. And yes, those seem to be the official titles, near as I can tell. Piano neck teeth is in Hot Water Music, and red and yellow...
  3. nymark

    on being recognized

    Here's some more fuel for the fire. I wasn't going to post this but I find all the hissy fits entertaining. This is on being recognized which appears in Ransom Weirdness #1 and also in a slightly different form in War All The Time. Just a few word changes and a deleted line. Enough to work...
  4. mjp

    The condition

    Funny. Or not. The manuscript and the version in War All The Time are identical. Then... Clumsy, stupid shit like: there is nothing going to release it