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Whoever did this, a lot of work must have gone into this(?) ... so many props. There are actually poems on there that I'd never read before.


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A lot of work for sure.

I've tried doing OCR on the manuscripts, but most of them aren't high enough resolution to get good results. So you end up practically retyping everything anyway. I didn't see any mistakes in the dozen or so poems I looked at on the site, so if they're all that good, they were probably manually retyped. Which is a lot of typing (as some of you know).

Whoever did that has to be a member here. If not, they should be.
I retyped in an open office file the poems from the book Sifting... based on the database (173 pages): if anyone want the file, I'll send it. I hoped that would help Abel to publish an unmartinized version of the book, but he never answered my mp about that.


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So, it was 30 years of .com a couple of days ago.

No big deal, I'm posting this just to screw the (dancing) chicken.