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Okay, you guys know you can still send $$ to

[Fundraising has completed, thanks to all who participated.]

but let me throw a couple things into the ring to see if we can't pull in a few more bucks. Whatever these sell for will go to Manny's cocktail fund. Or the Father Luke thing.

1 Advanced review copy of Portions of a Wine Stained Notebook, this is softcover, it's been read, but it is in perfect condition. I have no idea how many of these were made, but I know they did not send hundreds of them out.

1 FIRST EDITION of Women, softcover. This is the only edition that has Martin's infamous changes. They were removed from every subsequent edition. The condition is probably best described as "near fine" - there is some slight foxing on the top and the corners are a bit soft. It is not mint condition, but it's in really good shape. I don't think you'll be disappointed. I just don't want anyone to expect absolute perfection. A worn, shitty FE copy of Women recently sold on eBay for $61.

So we'll do an auction type thing with these. PM me an offer and whoever is the most generous (remember, this is a fund raiser, your dough goes to the fund) will get the book they want and the warm, fuzzy feeling of helping the world's only priest who hasn't fondled a little boy. That's got to be worth something.

I will post the current highest bids here in this post, so check back if you're interested.


Portions: $10
Women: $50
Montfort prints (see below): $40
I'm drooling over the copy of Women, but... well, I'm tapped out. For now. I'm keeping an eye on this though.
$50 bid on the first edition of Women! Thanks.

Now let me add one more item to the mix.

In 2000 there was a gallery showing here in Los Angeles of Michael Montfort's photographs of Bukowski. It was called BUKSHOT - you may have seen the postcards for the show on eBay, or maybe you saw the show. A while back the curator of that show, Mat Gleason, made this special set available to bukowski.net members for $80 and we sold them out. I will offer up ONE remaining set here for this fundraiser. It is the last set that will be available through the site, so if you missed out when they were originally offered, here's your chance.

What is included is basically the press kit that went out to print media in California. The details:

Two different prints that are 5 x 7 inches each, borderless on glossy stock. Mat had the prints made himself, and personally guarantees that they were made directly from Montfort's negatives (he had access to virtually all of Montfort's Bukowski negatives during preparation for the show).

Postcards are 6 x 4.25 inches, in as-new condition.

The press release for the show that you will receive is a copy. Mat only had one original press release left in his files (shown below) so the sets had to come with copies. Everything else is first generation genuine and comes with the bukowski.net stamp of approval. Your copy of the press release will likely be sent folded once, as the original is.

Here is what the package includes:

1) 5 x 7 print: Carlton Way, Hollywood, 1982 (shown below)
1) 5 x 7 print: Schwetzingen, Germany 1978 (shown below)
1) Postcard for the show (6" x 4.25" - both sides are shown, but you get one card)
1) Copy of the original press release

So here's your chance to get two prints directly from Montfort's negatives. They are not huge signed prints, granted, but a large Montfort print is going to set you back a pretty penny, and these smaller prints look great framed alone or with the card from the show. So here it is. And there's only one. PM me if you want to put in a bid.





Hi all,

For sale:

Send $$ to [Fundraising has completed, thanks to all who participated.]

Transit #10 - Charles Bukowski, Michael McClure, Anne Waldman, Aram Saroyan, Charles Plymell, A.D. Winans, Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassidy, Billy Childish
$10 all in.

John Martin letter (october 3, 1994) - Typed on original Black Sparrow postcard.
Martin talks about Transit #6, Santa Rosa, Bukowski, Pulp and Russell Harrisson - Against The American Dream: Essays on Charles Bukowski. This letter is signed by John Martin.
Black Sparrow envelope (october 3, 1994 stamp.)
$20 all in.
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