All Alone In A Time Of Armies - Real? (1 Viewer)

It is hard to tell from the link above what book you mean. If it is the one that is $150, then yes, it appears real. These were ephemeral little hardcovers that were issued as greetings for friends of the press. this is not a full length book and an avid reader, but non collector would probably like it, but may be disappointed in it. For $150, you should be able to find a full length signed book if you have a bit of time.

If it's this one, it's been signed by someone named Bujmowski.

Bukowski, Charles. ALONE IN A TIME OF ARMIES.
Santa Barbara Black Sparrow Press 1985 First edition 12mo, unpag.; original decorated boards. Boards Fine in original unprinted pale blue jacket One of 226 handbound numbered copies signed by Bujmowski and issued as a New Year's greeting by the Black Sparrow Press.

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