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I've heard it said that B often mentioned Antonin Artaud's work as an influence on his writing, however I've never seen any evidence as such.

Are you aware of anywhere within B's works that he mentions Artaud and his writings?

Thank you all very kindly.

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I've never seen that review online. I believe he also mentions Artaud a few times in his letters.
I don't think that since Artaud or Nietzsche there has been anybody as joyfully mad as I am
Living on Luck, 146
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whoa, I did some reading on Artaud. He seems like he was pretty fucked.

I wanna read The Peyote Dance.

I like this quote from him.

"I say this
as I know how to say this
you will see my present body
burst into fragments
and remake itself
under ten thousand notorious aspects
a new body
where you will
forget me."

thats marvelous.

I'm gonna check this guy out.
artaud is FANTASITC. one of my favorite writers. there's a great book by him called 'Les Tarahumaras' about taking Peyote with indigenous people in mexico. later in his life, he received electroshock treatment, and his writings during that period are some of the wildest lines of verse I've ever read (available in the book called, i think, "Watch Fields and Rack Screams".

black sparrow actually published a couple of his things, including his response after Breton threw him out of the surrealist movement. you can find them on abebooks pretty easily.
yeah I think it's cool that he actually got stabbed in the back, literally, by a pimp, for absolutely no reason.

and also the fact that he spent most of his later life in mental institutions.
I also find it interesting that he died at the foot of his bed, while holding his shoe.

how fucked is that. ahahahahhaah.

I'm gonna read him, A.S.A.P.
I think Artaud's "Van Gogh: The Man Suicided by Society" is hands down the best thing he wrote.

I believe to read Artaud in necessary.

Hey HenryChinanski, I believe your above quote is the pinnacle of Artaud's Rimbaud-Wish, I also think it's a wish that increased his madness (I can't look up far enough to ever guess what actually caused his madness); if only he knew that from that wish he became something totally different than Rimbaud (aka loved).
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I also find it interesting that he died at the foot of his bed, while holding his shoe.

how fucked is that. ahahahahhaah.

I'm gonna read him, A.S.A.P.[/QUOTE]

Praying for his soul perhaps?
amazon marketplace has most of his books for under $10. the big "selected writings" anthology is a good one to have, as well as the other one i mentioned. theater and its double is his most famous book, but it is more limited in its scope. still interesting, though- especially if you are into theater.
Artuad was great, but he was so fucked up by madness & elctro-shock that some of his stuff is just gibberish.
(Henry Miller, Jim Morrison and Harmony Korine have expressed their admiration for him as well.)

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