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sure sure

knut hamsun
john fante
robinson jeffers
ezra pound
carson mcullers
carl sandburg
kurt vonnegut
chuck palahniuk
jd sallinger
anthony burgess
hemingway (if you don't feel like smiling)
all excellent choices...sandburg and jeffers are near the top of my list - as are s. plath and edna st. vincent millay -

you might try the disipline of haiku for a deeper perspective...

yeah e.e. cummings is also on the top of my list.

walt whitman though? I've never read any of his stuff.
I shall check it out though.

riverrat said:
you might try the disipline of haiku for a deeper perspective...
Discipline of haiku is the right way to phrase it,
I had to write some at University....
Reminds me of Buk when I think about it now.

I had a bitch of a time when I would try so hard to make it look so simple->
5 syllabels,
7 then
5 again. (I think?!) Then I found->

When I stop trying
The words arrive eagerly,
Wanting to be pet.

Yeah, I know,........
(But it's off the fly).

Anyway, it just reminds me of how Buk mastered that easy flow of words
That can be so confoundingly difficult to achieve when you try so hard.
(see most of my posts ;) )
Yet draws the critics' (most of them) ire.
And it is funny,
How he hated the constraints of 'poetry'
And here I am comparing his writing to the rigid structure of Haiku.

(BTW, I read in some thread (can't find it now) that Buk would have hated this forum... IMO you're right on, and that's funny too)

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