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    Great idea, Pessimist!
  2. Wow!
    That's a fine idea, pessi!

    I could serve you with the whole show, if you're interested. But it's a full hour! So maybe that'll be too much work to do. (or maybe you'll only subtitle the important passages, but let the video itself intact as a whole.)
  3. i realize it must be a tremendous undertaking, but can anyone type an English transcript of what was said on this broadcast? that would be fantastic, as I have never seen such a thing.
  4. Well, I'm chasing the almighty dollar right now. But when I finish it, I'll post it.
  5. Prompted by reading by Miles' and Sounes' versions of this episode, I just watched a couple of 10 minute (highly edited) grabs of the show on YouTube and what I saw of Buk's stumbling exit from the set was totally at odds with what I expected from the written descriptions. Pivot and his guests seemed highly amused by Buk's antics. I saw/heard no evidence of the tiny studio audience "cheering and yelling" as reported by Miles and, unless some key minutes were cut from the ending, I saw no evidence of Pivot having "lost control of the show".

    Watching Buk's performance reminded me of the time that British talk show host Aspel had Oliver Reed on his pre-recorded show. Ollie was plied with complimentary booze beforehand in the green room and naturally he performed his drunk act on cue.

    As someone said earlier, Buk was Pivot's caged monkey.
  6. When you watch the whole show, you can see, there are mainly two problems:

    one is the classic 'Lost-in-translation' - Buk always works on his headphone, not quite getting what the others say. (besides, it is hard to translate a vivid conversation between 4 people to the speaker of another laguage. They certainly had to leave things out. So Buk couldn't really 'get' the converstation.)

    second: after his own interview at the very beginning, Buk was more or less 'out-of-the-show'. Partly because of the mentioned translation-problem. But also because these other people didn't make the slightest attempt to include him in their discussion.

    So he was sitting there, for a long time, not getting the conversation, not being able to participate, being totally ignored or called to shut up - all he could do was drink. I was surprised, he didn't leave earlier.

    That show was a shame.
  7. I didn't hear much in the way of audience reaction either, because there wasn't much. But any time someone gets drunk on your television show and gets up to leave before it's over, you, as the host, have definitely "lost control of the show."

    Miles' book is shit. I'm not sure why is everyone dancing around that fact and debating its merits in another thread around here. Same goes for the Baughan bio. Anyone who read Cherkovski's and Sounes' bios and Bukowski's books could have written those. And if you've read those and read everything in this forum, you could write a better book than either Miles or Baughan.

    Though Matt Dukes Jordan attempted to do that with Bukowski's Hollywood and ended up with what is without doubt the worst book ever written about Bukowski, so I may have to take that back...
  8. Roni's got it. They also pissed off Buk by bringing up Henry Miller. It was all down hill from there...

    Pivot: The French critics compare you to Henry Miller, they say you're bit of a successor. Does that please you?
    Buk: No, let's just forget all that. Go on to the other guests.

    Still trying to figure out Kino, but I will post a subtitled version, someday.
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    Well, Bernard Pivot is still a literary institution in France, his "Apostrophes" remaining THE reference in matter of literary emission and being regretted by people nostalgic of a time where literature had a place on French TV. According to the extracts from different "Apostrophes" episodes I saw on youtube, Pivot was usually respectful with his guests. It's a pity that he acted so badly with Hank for a question of audience ratings. He didn' t loose control one second, it was just a "mise en scéne" (you know, like a show where everything is anticipated in advance), he did want Buk to react like a drunkard, I've even read that some bottles had been provided to him by the staff...

    As for François Cavanna, the guy who told Hank to shut the fuck up and threatened him with his fist, he apologized himself one or two days later within his own newspaper ( "Charlie Hebdo").

    Pessimist, if you need some help, I'm here ;)
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  10. cool!
    the project is going ...
  11. Hi All, I have the full episode (uncut/french/no subtitles, about an hour and 15 minutes - Buk's on all but the last 5) if anyone is interested. It's a large computer file (.avi), full color, clear and sharp. I'd be glad to copy and pass on to anyone willing to cover postage. Just send me a PM if you're interested. Great show!
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    Sure, I'd like to have a copy -but- do you want to send a copy to Holland?
  13. how about putting it online for download?
  14. Ponder

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    Even better.
  15. Maybe that's already in the works. You know...
  16. Any news about this?... Openeye, could you put it online somewhere, as roni suggested?... Rapidshare, Mediafire, any such server should do it...
  17. Ah! Um, well...I have it on my desk (courtesy of openeye), but it hasn't made it into the computer yet.
  18. I'd be happy to attempt it if someone can recommend one of those sites that will allow a file over 600 mb. Any ideas?
  19. There are really only about 5 minutes of footage in this worth watching, in my opinion. Buk gets introduced, answers a few questions, gets hammered, interrupts continually for about 15 minutes (much later in the show), gets admonished several times, and leaves. 75 minutes is a long time to listen to a bunch of pretentious nits drone on and on about something that is meaningless to me. And I've studied French (not well enough, apparently).

    But, it is rather amusing watching Linda trying to escort a hammered Buk outta there amidst the on-going show. Fast forward to within about 7-10 minutes from the end.
  20. There is a Romanian server that works very well and they're allowing uploads for files up to 1GB - www.transfer.ro

    Below a step by step tutorial, as the instructions are in Romanian:

    1 Cui vrei sa trimiti?
    > type e-mail address of the one(s) who you'd like to send the file to - I would suggest to put your own e-mail and then to post on the forum the download link yourself, after you receive it

    2 De la? (e-mail sau numele tau)
    > type e-mail address or just the name of the sender

    3 Ce fisiere? Selecteaza-le cu 'browse'
    > click the "Browse" button and select the file from tour computer

    4 Mesaj. Cateva vorbe despre ce trimiti
    > type a message about the file (I guess it's optional)

    5 Verificare
    > type the numbers shown below

    Then click the Upload button and that's it. The receiver (you, if you put your own e-mail at point 1) will get a message with the download link.

    I hope it's clear, if not feel free to ask.

    For Mediafire or other similar and very popular servers there's usually a limit of 100M per file, if you want to upload for free, without creating an account. So you'll have to split the big file in 6-7 smaller files and upload each separately. There's a free software that can easily do that - HJSplit. If you prefer this option I can assist, just ask.
  21. Hi Bogdan, thanks for the information. I'm attempting to upload the episode to the romanian server you suggested right now (1:20 am) but it's rather large and probably will not be available until tomorrow afternoon (EST) so long as all goes well. If I run into any trouble i'll be in touch and we can go from there. Thanks again and keep your fingers crossed :)
  22. Download complete! Thanks a million Openeye. ;)
  23. No problem, glad it worked for you.

    Remember me in your will, ha
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    Bukfan "The law is wrong; I am right" Men of Mayhem Unholy Ones

    Nice clear picture. Thanks, openeye!

    - Now we only need English subtitles, at least for the (for us) important parts...
  25. +1 on the subtitles. If anyone can pull that off it would be greatly appreciated ;)
  26. I'm curious, by "no subtitles" do you mean you can actually hear buk talk?
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    O Pessimist, where art thou ?
  28. i guess he became too pessimistic about the project.
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