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hi guys!. I'm new in here. I need your help to help me in my research of Buk. I'm involved in to make a assignment (College assignment) of Buk letters and unediting writings. This web site is very complete, but I'm asking you if is it all the material than I can have?
I need you guys!
thanxs°!!!! if you can do it...
As great a resource as this site is, it is so far from complete that it would make your head spin. To do so would take years and years of effort, and even then it might still be an impossible task. As cirerita mentioned above; and he knows that probably more than anyone on this planet.
You won't find more unedited manuscripts anywhere, unless you want to get on a plane and fly around the world looking for them.

If you need more than 600 examples, I guess you're out of luck.
I really appreciate your answers.!!
It gives me strong to make so difficult task!!
when the Job is done i'll make you know...

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