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Shit, he's right. I'm off to join a Spicegirls tribute band. Thanks for the wake up call.
I always, well lately, think I have too much time on my hands. But why would anyone in the world take the time to register to a forum, just to do that.
And then send me an email 15 minutes after his post saying he can't "get in" to the forum...


Tim George @ Charles Bukowski - American author <[email protected]>
to [email protected]
date Fri, Mar 12, 2010 at 4:18 PM
subject Charles Bukowski - American author Contact Us Form - Registration Problem

The following message was sent to you via the Charles Bukowski - American author Contact Us form by Tim George ( mailto:[email protected] ).


I registered 3/10 but still can't get into the Forum
You really have only yourself to blame, mjp. You've set Thule's legion of 16 upon us for pulling your "Little Billy" stunt. This site is doomed! At least I have Bakeowski's next party to look forward to.

Maybe Tim George is "gifted"?
What timgeorge49 meant was he's researched all comments from the other 2,604 of us exhaustively, and found that each of our worthless lives would fail to live up to the imagined standards the Bukowski of his mind would demand of a web based community. Ignoring the fact that some here actually knew/met Bukowski, I think we'd all do well to re-examine our reasons for being here. What timgeorge49 has offered us is nothing short of an existential calm within which we might each decipher a broader and more meaningful life. I mean, just think about it--at some point the sun will devour all the planets in our dusty little corner of the universe, rendering all human endeavor into cosmic ash! All the things we worried over and strived for will be annihilated! All our art, our love, our wars, our gods, our scientific advances, our pointless little dreams--gone in a fiery blink!

So the question that remains: what should we do with our pointless lives? What is the best way to squander this ugly, waking dream?

Answer: Short order cook at a Reno IHOP, folks. Another dime bag to last us through every Thursday. Some drunken pawing at a your busty co-worker at the staff's belated St. Paddy's day shindig.

So straighten up, folks. Get your priorities in a duckrow.
Is that an anti-distillation? I like it.

It is very true. I am a little disappointed though that His Holiness hasn't been here for a week. To lay down the law like that and then flee without further instruction (despite Hosh's valiant attempt at interpretation of the scripture) is downright cruel.

What are we to do? Where are we to turn? We have been left with only one vague commandment. How can I build a life around that?
We will just have to be the vultures of a new millenium picking over the bones of these sad ruins we have been left with.
Shit, he's right. I'm off to join a Spicegirls tribute band. Thanks for the wake up call.

You are welcome to join mine and Purple Stickpins Spicegirls tribute band! We're called Spice Boys and though it's not finalized I have claim on Baby Spice- I guess you live in Uk but we're willing to provide transporation and lodging (and costumes) for when you get here. It will be smashing and brilliant as you Brits say. Please pm MJP as he's our manager and takes care of all details.

I wanna, wanna be a SPICE BOY!
slimedog - are you drunk? Solo smuggles spice for the Hutts. Spice = drugs. Solo is a drug-runner. Spicegirls is code for shipment en route. Wake up call means expect it early. Might be I'm drunk, too.

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