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the future is now?

apparently, a dude from the band Apples in Stereo has invented some sort of Theremin that he plays by using his thoughts.

no, really.

story here, as well as a vid of him playing it and insructions on how to build your own at home! use this knowledge wisely, humans.....
That's not bad but far from Tommyknockers technology. My thoughts play the soundtrack of my life since the day I was born, so what Apples dude.
I thought I was seeing an episode of the Sarah Silverman Program there for a minute...

37153100-14-50.jpg sarah-silverman-program04.jpg
it looks like he's using his thought-power to make Sarah do something dirty in the second pic.

or is my thought-power making his thought-power make Sarah Silverman do dirty things?

o my god! what have we done! damn dirty apes!
Your experience from watching Sarah Silverman has you conditioned to believe Sarah Silverman is doing dirty things all of the time.

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