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The harmonica on Zeps 'bring it on home' is to die for theonlygoodpoetisa!
Heres a couple of peaches.
You shook me........Zep.
King of the Road......REM
But the icing on the cake was watching the flaming lips perform black sabbaths 'war pigs' live in manchester,closely followed by radioheads version of carly simons 'nobody does it better' in blackpool.To die for.
Quite right hoochmonkey9.I think they were more than a bit drunk!Considering dead letter office is a collection of b-sides there is some genuine nuggets to be found on it.............
my mate made me a double album consisting entirely of covers (side A: Glad-i-ate-her side B: Superham) and there are some crackers on there, todays choices are;

Roxanne - Tom Waits (I know it's in 'Moulin Rouge' but it's still grrrreat)

Rape me - Richard Cheese (in very bad taste he opens by saying 'this ones for the ladies...')

I just can't get you out of my head - Flaming Lips

Star Wars - Bill Murray (technically his own lyrics to the tune of Star Wars but very funny none the less)

Killing Moon - Pavement

If I were a rich man - Magnetic Fields

Hallejujah - John Cale

What a wonderful world - Nick Cave and Flaming Lips (so bad it's good, or is it?!!)

and lastly for today....

Rocketman - William Shatner :D
Wild World (Cat Stevens)---Tesla
Memories Can't Wait (Talking Heads)---Living Colour
Low Rider (War)---Gary Hoey
Young Girl Blues (Donovan)---Sammy Hagar
Smoke on the Water (Deep Purple)---G3
Some Great Covers.......

"All Along The Watchtower" - Dylan via Hendrix
"All The Young Dudes" - Bowie via Mott the Hoople
"Blinded by the Light" - Springsten via Manfred Mann Earth Band
"Sister Golden Hair" - Wilson via America
Was in an east Vancouver book store yesterday and recognized The Saints' "I'm Stranded" being done techno/lounge style. Looked at the CD by the cash register but didn't see who did that version and I didn't ask. A number of years ago I remember hearing a lounge version of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Again, no clue as to who did it.

Good god man, a techno version of I'm Stranded? What a disgrace :mad:

Anyone here remember Eric Burdon's version of Roy Orbison's Ring of Fire. Brilliant
I'm sure there's others that will come to me, but what stands out right now is Frank Zappa doing a blistering rendition of the Allman Bros. "Whipping Post"
Pink Houses- Avail
Real Love- The singer from Soul Coughing
Where did you sleep last night?- Nirvana
Melt with You- Stretch Armstrong
Sweet Days- Snuff

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