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Bibliography of Bukowksi - Aaron Krumhansl (1 Viewer)


more crickets than friends
Going to put this on eBay in a few days unless someone on here wants it. Ships free in U.S. Will accept PayPal. Just respond here or message me. In overall very good condition with some shelf wear on bottom right corner of cover and small color spot on back bottom right corner.

Asking 125.00


This is a MUST for anyone that plans on buying any collectible Bukowski. The one book that you need to own before you jump into the madness of collecting Buk.
You should buy this book for yourself instead of spending anything on your Mom for Mother's Day. It's that good. She never bought you what you really wanted for Christmas, so fuck her with the North Pole.
This is not a collectable. It is a tool meant to be used like a tool -- for example, a vibrator. It should be used at least on a weekly basis. It is not something you put in a drawer and forget about. If it is shiny and new when you wipe the dust off, you have failed as an owner and human being. You should simply give it to the Bukowski whore next door.

Ok, at least put a reasonable price on it. I'd say $95.00 is fair -- you'll get less than $95.00 on eBay in the end.

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