"Birth" - Wormwood Review No. 19 - 1965 (1 Viewer)

Collected in The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over The Hills.


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I'm not trying to discourage anyone from posting, but I'm not sure there's any reason to post the first appearance if there are no changes between it and the collected Black Sparrow/Ecco version. We could have hundreds of posts here that are identical to the collected versions, but I think that would dilute and defeat the purpose of the "first appearances" forum.

I see that "meeow!" here is "meeow" in the collected version, but I don't think that qualifies as a change (in the way we talk about changes).
Apologies. Yep, I totally misunderstood. Now I get it. (I'm still new here...learning the nuances... )

In my defense, I thought this thread was for, as its intro states: "The first magazine appearances of poems and stories that were later collected in Black Sparrow, City Lights or Ecco books."

If its purpose is to highlight only the first appearances that are largely or radically different than the print versions, that's cool, and makes total sense.

Personally, I like seeing the original appearances (even if same, like they're more pure, the second step from the source).
But going forward I'll cross ref the mag poem/book version before posting.

Suggestion: Maybe edit the intro text for clarity to other newbies? Unless it was just me who didn't know...but now I do...

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