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Greetings fellow Hank fans. I've been lurkin' this website for what seems years now but never dug into the forum. Should be interesting to see what you have to say. I've never known a fan of Bukowski who wasn't cool. Yet. And I've met a bunch.

I'm a collector. Other than those early chapbooks, I've got almost everything ever published by and almost all published about Hank. Found him by accident in 1998. I worked at a bookstore and someone special ordered 2 of his books, a hardcover of Shakespere Never Did This and trade paperback of Love Is A Dog From Hell. I was blown away. Never read anything like him.

Naturally, he had a profound effect on my own writing.

Looking forward to digging here.
Thanks eh. I make it a point to follow that rule in life in general. Which, is rather hard to do when you're surrounded by assholes everywhere you go.
Thanks for the welcome Gerard. I am not a packers fan. I'm not a fan of any sports whatsoever. Pay them zero attention. Yeah, I'm that guy that doesn't have the least bit of interest in sports at all. It's all music, reading and writing for me.
Some of the nicest people I have ever met are from Wisconsin, but they are all Packers fans. So I'm gonna give you the benefit of any doubt, because you are a Bukowski fan. Welcome doncha know.
Aye, being a sports fan does not necessarily a nice person make.

Or put simpler, I've met some self acclaimed packers fanatics that were first rate assholes.

So, six one half dozen the otter.
See! You are correct. Money and beer are always a big part of Football.
Get a beer for the man from Disgraceland! Cheers. I've heard of that place. Are you an Elvis Fan? Hound dog?:D
It can be quite interesting if you don't look at it as a sport with real men: just try to imagine you're looking at something like a chess-board and the people being only chessmen. Becomes more of a strategic game then, instead of a cruel violet hurting act.

@ponder:it's far from being Popular in Germany, but sure has it's audience. Maybe due to all the GIs we use to have around.
I always wondered about the football thing. Is this sport popular anywhere else but in the USA?

There's a lot of football on TV here with local commentators discussing the tactics of the game, but popular as in mainstream - nope...
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