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Sold Blowing My Hero Manuscripts and Letter (1 Viewer)

I'm selling these items on behalf of an old friend who hasn't taken well to technology.

Selling all the items together:
-Blowing My Hero original manuscript. (Hand corrected by Amber O'Neil) 16 pages
- Amber O'Neil's original first draft. On her A4 note book. 35 pages
- COPY of John Martins letter to Amber telling her she should not of published her Bukowski letters. However he wants 20 copies of 'Blowing My Hero."
- COPY of John Martins letter telling her not to publish any more Bukowski letters in "Blowing My Hero."
- Original Letter signed by John Martin, telling her what a wonderful job she has done and explains she has the two Linda's merged into one.
- Original invoice from John Martin to Amber.

I did post some scanned copies of the manuscript on this forum a couple of months back.

Open to reasonable offers for the lot. PM me. or email [email protected]

I'm based in the UK and happy to send special delivery worldwide. I will only be able to send the items at the end of the month.

Now for some pictures!
The manuscript pictures I posted a couple of months back were quite large. MJP resized a couple for me. I had to screen grab the rest from the JPEG on my computer, as I'm unsure of any other way to make them smaller. If you want more pictures I would be happy to email you them.


Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 19.26.59.png

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 19.27.28.png

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 19.27.59.png

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 19.28.17.png

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 12.11.26.png
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should someone redact the name on the letters? i had thought that amber oneill used a pseudonym on purpose... or maybe it's common knowledge at this point and i'm just behind the curve.
Finally, after stalking her for decades, I finally have her in my sites... Really? Who gives a fuck at this point about her or deep throat?
Well, she used a pseudonym on the book and we're not on some men's rights Reddit subforum, so I thought it was worth bringing it up.
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Who gives a fuck about you. Or me. No one but ourselves. I'm almost over myself. You?
well, i still can't get over you, hooch.

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How do you valuate that lot? The manuscript for a book almost no one owns and all the attendant ephemera? As a curiosity I think it's pretty cool, but worth? Can we throw around some numbers? Over or under $500? Didn't that book ocassionally sell for hundreds of dollars with the letters intact? And is it Amber her self selling it? Or if not, then how was it acquired?
i agree - i'm really curious what someone would pay for this. i think the deluge of linda king stuff has also given the "tangential to bukowski" industry kind of a bad name at this point.
Well, the only reason this book has such a level of interest in the first place (no offense to Amber) is because of the story of "suppression" and the intrigue that brings, along with the rarity of the thing in its complete form. Take those elements away and I think you have just another little chap about Bukowski, and there are a lot of those. And really, without those elements the manuscript doesn't have any value because it's not really of much interest.

But it does have all of those elements going for it, so I imagine it will find a willing buyer.
Reminds me of some of the Frank Harris publications from years ago. Now hardly anybody has a clue as to who he is, and I suspect most of that stuff is virtually worthless.
To answer skiroomalums question this isn't being sold on behalf of Amber. It was bought from a dealer in London not so long ago. The origanal purchase was for the signed chapbook with letters at the back. The dealer was only selling the item as a hole package.

I know Amber herself was on this forum a few years back. It would be interesting to get her take on the lot. Especially her hand writen notes.

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