Blowing My Hero PDF?


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Adobe Acrobat has pretty good built in OCR. If you scan to pdf it can do all the tedious OCR work for you. That's how some of the pdfs we see here and there are searchable and cut and paste-able.

It won't remind you to pay your bills on time though. So it can't do everything.
Iv attached the first 4 pages of Blowing My Hero.

BMH front cover.jpg BMH page 1.jpg BMH pahe 2.jpg BMH page 3.jpg


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Thanks! I´m looking forward to reading Buk's letters to Amber which are in the back of the book. I hope you´ll scan them and post them here. :)
Bukfan unfortunately I dont have a scannable copy of the letters. I do have the booklet copy of Blowing my hero but as previous posts show it is not scaner friendly.


"The law is wrong; I am right"
That's okay, ozzy! No reason you should ruin your copy of "Blowing..." for some scans. I would´nt do it either if it was me.
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