Bottle of Smoke Press - Our Biggest Sale EVER (1 Viewer)

This is the biggest sale that I have ever done. Everything is on sale HERE, including new releases.

This sale will run through Monday 12/2/13. I may extend it a bit longer if there is demand, or may revert to the regular prices.

Any sales from now until Monday will also ship with goodies that were never for sale. The more that is spent, the more extra goodies.

I'll announce this on facebook, Twitter, as well as mailing lists shortly, but you all, my friends, are the first to be told about everything so there you are.

i'd recommend something by richard krech - he's been around forever, and bill has done a fantastic job bringing old material back into print and giving him a nice platform for his current work.
Thanks guys. Ill accept your recommendations. Iv just ordered Richard Krech, realer than reality. Soheyl Dahi, stories from a room and Hosho McCreesh, marching unabashed into the weeping, searing sun.
marching unabashed is my favorite bospress book I've read

High praise! I appreciate it, gbsupbowl.

I dig justin barrett's Booger, Hangover Breakfasts is Graziano's best, Cunningham's And Still the Night Left to Go, and hell -- just throw a dart at th eboard, you'll hit a book worth reading. All the issues of BOTTLE are terrific...a little bit more than a dollar a piece...for letterpress broadsides, each one different. Great stuff.

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