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Anyone a monster belcher here?

I was one of the two kids in school that was notorious for belching capacity.

Adam Berwick was the other one. He was good at length, i.e. he could burp the entire alphebet.

I on the other hand had the upper hand on volume. And actually now that I think about it, both Adam and I had our moments of fame. During SATs or some shit like that, commons area full of quiet studying kids, I let rip a burp that scared the crap out of everyone. One of those immediate bomb attack belches. It was very cool to see so many people jump in their seats at the same time. And yes, I got a detention for it.

Adam followed in my footsteps the following day of those tests. All quiet on the testing front, and all of a sudden, Adam let loose a long & loud tommygun fart in one of those hard plastic chairs that literally echoed off the far wall of the commons. It was probably the hardest our entire class had collectively laughed, ever. And yes, he too got a detention.

But I digress.
Some things we'd like to forget. Everyone loves a good laugh and we don't remember them enough.

If you still have that talent there's a guy on satellite radio who would be interested.
Used to know a girl who was into all the organic/homeopathic/back-to-nature stuff who swore that belching loud and forcefully was the way to go. She was a talented artist/musician/free-spirit, who was single, very attractive, and bi-sexual. However, after several inappropriate belching episodes, her appeal diminished pretty quickly for everyone around her. You know, smoking hot 20-something party girls are enticing - until the 17th time they embarass you in a cafe somewhere by belching like a foghorn in San Francisco Bay. None of us slept with her and none of us regret it. She has moved on to titillate and repulse other people with her organic eructation.

Sorry if this sounds sexist and judgemental, but that's just the way things went down.

However Buzzcat - in junior high/high school, of course there is plenty of room for stupid behavior. Belching, farting, and careful reproductions of said emissions via the armpit are required for graduation I think :)
In some cultures belching after the meal is a compliment to the cook and is an indication you are full. In other words they'll keep feeding you until you belch.
In my friend Paul's high school there were these two brothers who, when there were night events at the high school (basketball games and such) would poop on the roofs of cars in the parking lot. Never really got an explanation for WHY, but I'm glad I didn't go to that high school.

Makes belching look almost genteel, n'est-ce pas? :)
A guy I knew used to do that.
Just go right out and shit on someone's car outside of a bar.

I never got it.
I didn't know that was a shared experience.
I can't tell you why all this shit talk led my mind to this thought but, if you enjoy pissing on things, do not, I repeat, do not piss on an electric fence. The current does carry across.
I think you need to watch Bam Magera's CKY 4 and see the part with Raab pissing on the electric fence.
The whole video is full of pain like that, you know like Jackass I and II
What the HELL?

Just so yaz knows, I pissed on the electric fence when I was about 10 years old. Didn't know better at that age. This guy, well, some adults deserve the Darwin Award.
Jesus, since when is putting a loaded flare gun up to your temple and pulling the trigger stupid?! The armies of the politically correct LEFT have rotted your brains!

Megadittos, bitches.

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