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Buk archive at PBA auction - 4/26/07 (1 Viewer)

The Linda King letters sold for $69,000 (including buyers fee), which baffles me.

Does anyone know who bought the Linda King love letters back in 2007? Was it a private collector, or are they in an institution where the public can go to research them?
I always assumed stnickl, but have no proof. I also heard a rumor that the buyer of the letters was going to publish them as a book, which would never, ever happen. If they bought them for that reason, they would have found that out too late....

Thanks, Bill.
I always assumed stnickl
Shit. Private collector.
to publish them as a book, which would never, ever happen.
Why no chance for publication? Too personal? Does someone (LK?) still retain the publication rights to them even though they've been sold? Not sure how it works. I just really want to read them. From the snippet given in the auction catalog it sounds like they're awesome. And important.
Bukowski's estate owns the right to his letters and they cannot be legally published without approval from the estate. Linda King owns the rights to her letters to Buk only.

also, I assume that they are in a private collection, but cannot confirm that. It is just a hunch.

Makes sense. Thanks for clarifying, Bill. I know it's just speculation, but do you think Linda Bukowski (who I assume is still the executor of the estate) would stop these from getting published? If so, why? I think there'd be a tremendous amount of interest in them. I know I'd sure buy a copy.
Only clever enough to read the past posts in the forum archive. He's been mentioned before, and it's pretty clear from the context that he's a private collector.
Well, you do post from Ohio but list your location as Austin.

We don't know who you are. We're always suspicious because a lot of people like to play clever little games.

Linda Bukowski would definitely not authorize the publication of a group of letters to Linda King. They are not exactly bosom buddies, those two.
Yeah, up north for the holidays. You gotta love it. Anyway, I didn't realize there was still so much animosity between the two . . . but what are you going to do? I'm sure nobody wants to get in the middle of that cat fight. I guess scholars interested in a better understanding of Women will just have to wait until those letters get archived in an institution someplace. Eventually that's where it's all going to end up anyway. Still, I'd really like to read them NOW.

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