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I was cutting Micheline out of the audio version of this today, and when I had it in the editor I could see that the waveform shows you everything you need to know about the difference between the two poets. One is reading, the other is desperately screaming for your attention (if taking over another poet's stage wasn't already proof enough of desperation).



Bukowski's poems that deal with Micheline are hilarious (just like Micheline):
that loud voice
those hairy eyebrows
that delight in personal misfortune--
as if living badly was a triumph and
a very proud
at other poet's
poetry readings
he'd leap up on
and read his
own things
between drinking
my booze and snoring away the nights on my broken-down couch
he managed to continually
proclaim himself a POET
in a very LOUD voice as if the gods were listening.
Jack of the loud, loud voice.
Jack who badmouths the lucky.
Jack who talks and talks.
Jack who never had a real job.
Jack who blames everybody else.
wanting it without doing it.
wanting it free.
a world full of Jacks
sliding down the
he was good
but like the rest of
he wasn't as good
as he thought
he was

I'm sorry
but I was always
when he left.
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