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Of course it was always LA. What others did he favor? I can think of a ton he went to and disliked and others he was probably neutral on. Were there any others he was especially fond of?
He often wrote of his love for Glendale, Port St. Lucie and Boise. Those are the three I can think of offhand. He lived in Glendale for 25 years though, so that's not surprising. He wrote Post Office in Port St. Lucie, and his wife, Linda, is from Boise.
He seemed to write of Philadelphia a few times? And there was the whole Texas thing, though I forget the city...
Wheeler, Texas. but I wouldn't say he loved it.

I'm thinking New Orleans, but I'm not sure if he liked it or not. maybe in hindsight he liked it.

hated NYC. never wanted to visit Paris, so he claimed.

cirerita showed me a letter written in February of 1994, if I may quote:

the only city I regret not visiting is Halifax. up in Canada. they know how to drink like the lost cunt of nowhere.

uh, so there's that. heh.
yep, Halifax is renowned for its gender reversal surgery.

and mjp, I applaud your courage.
...and mjp, I applaud your courage.

Courageous my ass! This is pre-Halifax. Sweet mercy!(Old forum attachment ID is incorrect, see thumbnails.)


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