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I wanted to start this in the 'publications' section, but maybe it's better here.

BoS and Jimmy Snerp:
how about a Bukowski-poem-broadside on high quality paper with a beautiful typo as well as in Braille on the surface?
Wouldn't that be a nice idea?
Yes, I have thought about it, and there is a member here who makes a living typing braille..... The problem would be getting rights. If you were going to publish a volume of only Braille, I would think that Ecco would deal with you, but for a broadside, I'm not sure...

Still, it is a great idea. I like to think of interesting ways to present the word. I have thought about asking this person about having a poem by another poet translated into Braille., then I would have to have a plate made and deboss from the reverse.


If you were going to publish a volume of only Braille, I would think that Ecco would deal with you, but for a broadside, I'm not sure...

well, a year or so ago, I had talked with Jimmy Snerp about this. But there's a technical problem. He said a "300 page print book could turn into 5 volumes of braille".

I don't think anyone of us can handle such an amount. But a broadside, you know - only one special poem, written and layouted to please the seeing people too, and the Braille all over it, like you make a statement on barrier-free publishing. This would be beautiful!
We have tonnes (literally) of braille literature on campus. It's astonishing to see how large a small book can become and how students lug volumes between home and school.
I keep waiting hoping a lit class will feature Bukowski so I could at least take a picture of the volumes for the forum.
Regarding rights and braille. It is the case that students in Canada or the U.S have the right to any material in the medium of THEIR choice so a braille version will happen when a braille using student takes a course with BUk in the syllabus.
Reading this just makes me wonder why electronic braille books haven't been invented (like this, only braille). Technologically it seems relatively simple...

Maybe there already are such things.
There are electronic braile reading devices See link.It works like a ticker tape-the pins rise and fall below the fingers.
Regarding the thought why not just skip braille-the reading experience for the blind is the same as for the sighted-it is not listening it's reading-while we may enjoy hearing a Bukowski tape I'm pretty sure most would not want to part with their books because that is a different separate experience. I'm also pretty sure there is data out there that indicate memory retention is improved with reading over listening an important factor when going to school.
Creating braille text for novels is easy if you have a braill printer-(one that creates the bumps) or if you had a device as in the link. We use a program at work that takes text converts it to braille then pumps it out through the braille printer-the embosser. It's not that we can't do Bukowski its that it hasn't been requested. Here is a cool site Gutenburg.org. It is a repository of electronic texts that allow us to copy and transcribe into braille and or electronic voice-since the copyright is expired. And I know I'm providing more informatrion than anyone needs to know but listening to an electronic voice all day is enough to make you want to throw yourself under a train twice-voices are improving but up until 4 years ago it was like listening to Stephen Hawking. Imagine him reading Mockingbird Wish Me Luck.
It's not that we can't do Bukowski its that it hasn't been requested.

so - what do you two think about it?
is this a valid idea or just crap?

could/would you do it?
just as an artistic experience?
and like - you know, looking if there comes positive feedback, or asks for more of this (from the blind AS from the seeing). i'm just thinking it's a beautiful idea, but of course, dreaming is always easy and cheap. so it's up to you.
I say if Jimmy Snerp asks one of te cooler students if he wants a book that will blow his mond, then maybe he'll be interested. If you print a book, print an extra ne for me and I'll donate something to a school for the blind.

It would be cool to have.

And yes, reading and hearing are completely different. One is much more passive.

Heres the deal to start
Let me know if there is a piece I can braille without infringing on copyright and I will then post a jpg. And I'll throw in a template that will help you read it.
Rading braille is pretty easy-if you're sighted. Imagine the international symbols on washrooms crossing the street-there are only 26 symbols to learn and you pick them up pretty quick. This is called grade 1
braille. In grade 2there are contractions
that aid in the reading of braille(since your fingers have less to travel over and in the production-use less paper.
Fl if you are reading I will braille a poem from your book and post it here too if you like.

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