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Hi babes,
when Bukowski had died, I was videotaping all the news I could get from TV.
Last night I glued them together and put them on youtube. (Language: German - sorry)


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thanks for that. never seen that colour footage of b and linda in the garden of their san pedro home before. where's that originally from?
It's from a documentary named "I'm still here" by the German Thomas Schmitt when he was visiting Buk for his 70th birthday(1990). This Thomas Schmitt had done his first docu on Buk in the 70s.


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Roni: excellent. You get a gold star on your homework for that. I've never seen some of these shots of Buk. Thanks.


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Just great! - Thanks, Roni. It's always a pleasure to watch footage you have'nt seen before. His death was also mentioned in the tv news here, together with a clip from the Mette Fugl Buk docu...
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